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Name change Press Release

Press Release - The Element becomes Wreck of Time Press Release


After 20 years of using The Element, the Brazilian/North American progressive metal group has decided to rename the band Wreck of Time. According to the band’s founder Rafael Macedo, the desire to change has been there for a few years as more artists have been using similar names and affecting the ease of access to the band’s material online.


“When we started as The Element in 2002, we could not find any other acts with similar names. Nowadays, there are over 24 bands with ‘Element’ in them. After a long search, we landed on Wreck of Time due to its uniqueness and deep meaning associated with the poem of XXX about…”. The new name is registered for the exclusive use of the band.


Aside from the name change, Wreck of Time’s latest news include a new album ready to be released in 2022. The new album, called From Sand Part II, is the story's conclusion started in From Sand Part I, released in 2012.


Wreck of Time currently has Rafael Macedo as the lead guitarist, vocalist, and composer; Marco Bicca as the drummer; and Jeremy Villucci as the keyboard player and backing vocals. The latest album was mixed by Jens Bogren and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Drums were recorded at Robert Lang’s Studio in Seattle, WA, and all remaining instruments were recorded at the 242 Music Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.


The band is excited to release the new logo, 14 new music tracks, and videos soon. If you want to hear a teaser and follow the release announcements, click here.

Chrome Letters Symbol_edited.jpg
New Album being mixed by Jens Bogren @ Fascination Street Studios!


Press release

  San Francisco Bay Area, California, May 4 — SF Bay Area, California-based progressive metallers Wreck of Time, have announced that the new album “From Sand - Pt II”  will be mixed by legendary producer and recording engineer Jens Bogren (Symphony X, Devin Townsend, Opeth, Kreator, Paradise Lost, Dragonforce, James Labrie, etc.) and mastered by Tony Lindgren (Paradise Lost, Kreator, Katatonia) at Fascination Street Studios - - in Sweden.

 The recording sessions are well underway, and the mixing/mastering process will start by the end of June 2015. Marco Bicca has finished Drums. Rafael Macedo, Vocals/Guitars, and Jeremy Villucci, Keyboards, are in the studio right now. Once again, Rafael Macedo will be in charge of the recordings and the production of it.

  Here it is a sneak peek of the drum recording sessions:

 “From Sand - Pt II” is a concept album and will be the conclusion of Wreck of Time’s latest release, “From Sand - Pt I.” The group will be releasing two singles titled “ Natural” and “Dusk” before the full album is out. The full-length record is scheduled for release at the end of 2015. Label, Artwork, and tracklist TBA soon.

 Although the new work is absolutely connected with the previous album, “From Sand - Pt II” will be heavier and with a larger number of tracks compared with its predecessor. The final product should have something around the ballpark of 12 or 13 tracks. 

 Rafael Macedo says: “ To say that we are excited about the new album is an understatement! It is a great honor to work with Jens Bogren and Tony Lindgren. Jens has mixed so many of my favorite records, so it was a no-brainer when we were discussing who should mix the new work. His ability to create a unique and huge sound for each different band he works with is truly impressive. Musically speaking, it is a very intense album, much heavier than the first one, and I believe some people will be surprised in a good way!

 Jeremy Villucci says: "It's always really cool to work with people you hold deep respect for. You can take a product you're passionate about and trust that it'll be handled in your vision. It makes the whole artistic process more fun and lets you participate as an audience member; waiting to hear the mix of a good producer is like being a kid and waiting up all night for Santa. And with the new material we're going to be working with, I'm positive that Santa will be bringing his 'claws.' 

 Mitch Stewart says: "This music is our most intense and brilliantly written stuff to date! Rafa always amazes me with his style of composing and choice of direction and riffs. And when we write together, it is  truly a fun time and a great feeling to hear the end result. I am excited to be sharing this with the world soon!" 

 Marco Bicca says: "I was very excited with these new songs when we were at the recording process a couple of months ago but now I am also honored to have them being mixed by the great Jens Bogren from Fascination Studios. He has done most of my favorite artists and albums through these years and I cannot wait to see the results. I am sure he will do justice to all songs so , stay tuned when they come out!"

 Official website:




New Album "From Sand - Part II" recording sessions


For immediate release: Wreck of Time in the studio recording new album!

San Francisco Bay Area, September 23, 2014
Wreck of Time has entered the studio to record its new album titled "From Sand - Part II" . The new concept album concludes the story that started on band's latest release "From Sand - Part I".
Once again, Wreck of Time's Vocals/Guitars Rafael Macedo will be in charge of the engineering and producing. Rafael Macedo started working with the band's drummer Marco Bicca a week ago and he has laid down 5 tracks so far.
   The band is talking with a couple of big names to do the final Mix/Master of the album.This will be announced pretty soon along with the official track list, artwork and label.
Rafael Macedo said: " Even tho most of the songs were written with the previous album, since it is a concept album divided in part I and II, a lot has changed. Marco is absolutely killing on the drums! The musicianship that we developed in the last couple of years from playing live and jamming as a band can clearly be heard into the new music. The heavy songs are becoming heavier and in the other hand, the more progressive ones are becoming even more elaborated, which allows us to bring the music to a whole new level. I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be surprise by this album. We couldn't be happier about it!"
Marco Bicca said: "I am really happy with the results we had with the first 5 songs that I recorded with the Rafael's help. He is not only a great composer but also an awesome engineer and that helps A LOT! Trust me, recording drums is a long and difficult process and having someone that knows how it works is a blessing. I am excited for you guys because you have no idea what is coming your way! Stay tuned for more updates! "

Official video of "She's Made From Sand" out now!


Source: Wreck of Time(former The Element) -

 San Francisco Bay Area, CA - USA May 7th

 California-based metallers Wreck of Time, have announced the release of its official music video for the song "She's Made From Sand" of their album "From Sand - Part I" released last year. 

 In charge of the direction of the video was the amazing Award winning horror film Director/Musician Tommy Merry ( "Number 19",Requiem For The Dead)

Link for the video: Wreck of Time - "She's Made From Sand" Official Video HD -

  Portraying the character "Anne" of "From Sand - Part I" was the beautiful Artist/Actress Alexis Williams. The video was shot all in the San Francisco Bay Area, over the course of seven days in seven different locations including Secret Studios in San Francisco., Half Moon Bay, Lafayette, and Concord. The concept of the video is based around the story and concept of "From Sand Part I."  

Rafael Macedo says: " It was an old dream of mine having a full professional video for Wreck of Time. Tommy's work is simply phenomenal!!! I feel really lucky that our paths crossed, cause beyond the fact he is an amazing director, he is also a great friend of mine... and the way he was able to capture the whole concept of From Sand - Part I  is mind blowing. It is very hard to make a great video out of a concept album you know... I still think a music video, when done properly, can translate the band's personality, concept and sound in a more deeper way... it is always more fascinating when you're able to associate sound and image..."

Tommy Merry says:"The first time I got together with Rafael and listened to the album I was immediately drawn to "She's Made from Sand". As horror film director and a pagan myself, there are a lot of mystical references that I loved about the song and that I wanted to explore visually within the music video. I talked to Rafa about a lot of the ideas I had, and he explained the backstory of the whole concept album. I spent a lot of time listening to the CD in its entirety to really get a feel and flush-out a theme for the video - - with a through-line that would not only be cohesive with the song, but also true the CD's concept itself. So I wrote down a bunch of ideas while listening to She's made from Sand, over and over during a week and shared them with Rafael and they were in alignment with his ideas and goals as well. We had many challenges and starts and stops during the making of the video for various reasons and intercontinental travel and life challenges for all the band and myself, but Rafael and I both agreed that it was more important to be true to the video then to try to rush through it and finish it. And so we approached the music video as a collaborative artistic endeavor and saw it through from stem to stern and were both really proud of how it came out. There are many hidden meanings in the video and symbologies that are near and dear to me, as well as ones that resonate with Rafael's and Wreck of Time's vision as well. We're all excited about our friends and fans exploring the video themselves and finding their own meanings within it. I'm personally looking forward to seeing and hearing what the band does next, and eagerly await their next release."

Jeremy Villucci says: "I can't believe how amazing is this video. Tommy really is incredible. It's really insane to be able to watch a video; when someone really captures the essence of what a song sounds like visually, it's a real trip, like every image coincides perfectly with every note. Bottom line, it's awesome."

Marco Bicca says: "When I joined the band last year, Rafael told me about a video that we would be working on and that got me really excited.I remember doing a full day of shooting in San Francisco at the Secret Studios, literally ....a full day and liking every single shot and angle that Tommy was capturing. About two weeks ago I went with Rafael to see one of the drafts of the video and I was blown away, I knew Tommy was going to do a great job because this is what he does and I could feel that after meeting on the first time as well as playing with him at our CD release party last year that he is one of those guys, that like us,  love to go above and beyond to make something magical for our fans.I feel very blessed to have met all of these guys and I can't wait to play live and show other stuff that we are working on and I also hope that you guys like this video as much as we did, so sit back, crank it up the resolution , the volume and enjoy it!

 Wreck of Time would like to thank everyone that was involved somehow in this video and helped to make this happen. 

 Specially: Tommy Merry, Debora Finkler, Rogerio and Marcelo Macedo Flores, Bill and Beverly Rose, Alexis Williams, Bill Lonero. 

 Wreck of Time proudly endorses EVH Gear, Jackson, Pearl Drums, Line 6, Morley, SIT Strings, InTune Picks, Liszko Straps, Aristides Basses. 

 We're really looking forward to hearing your thoughts too! Please share them with us.THANK YOU!

  Rafael Macedo, Mitch Stewart, Jeremy Villucci, Marco Bicca.

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