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From Sand - Pt.2 is out now!

Hey guys, exciting news!

Our new album, From Sand - Part II, it has been released on Monday, October 24th, 2022.

Order and listen on the link below:

 It has been a long journey to get here, and we are truly proud of the result of it. This is by far the most daring project we've ever done. Jens and Tony's work on the album is nothing short of brilliant. The album is heavier than Part I but also more eclectic. We experimented more with sound design, orchestrations, guitar tones, etc. We felt that we needed to expand the Concept and story of the album to the visual medium. That's why we had the crazy idea of shooting a music video for every song in the new album. It has been challenging, but we are beyond happy with the result.

The new album concludes the story and concept that started in From Sand Part I. The album was mixed by Jens Bogren(Arch Enemy, Symphony X, Sepultura) and Mixed by Tony Lindgren at the Fascination Street Studios. The band's Vocals & Guitar, Rafael Macedo, produced the album. Drums were recorded at Robert Lang’s Studio in Seattle, WA, and all remaining instruments were recorded at the 242 Music Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

The band shot a music video for each song in the album. There are 14 music videos, with a new one every Friday(it started September 30th). The release date for the full-length album will be announced shortly.

From Sand - Part II - Official Artword.png
From Sand - pt2 release date Banner Facebook Instagram.jpg

The new music videos for the upcoming new album, From Sand, Pt.2, are out now!

- A new video will be released every Friday starting September 30th. - There will be 14 Music Videos released.

- The release date for the full-length album will be announced shortly. - All music videos will be available on our Official YouTube Channel - 


- The album was mixed by Jens Bogren(Arch Enemy, Symphony X, Sepultura) and Mixed by Tony Lindgren at the Fascination Street Studios. The album was produced by Rafael Macedo. Drums were recorded at Robert Lang’s Studio in Seattle, WA, and all remaining instruments were recorded at the 242 Music Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.


Join us on this journey!

Name change Press Release
The Element becomes Wreck of Time 

August 29th, 2022


After many years of using the name The Element, the Brazilian/North American progressive metal group has decided to change the band name to Wreck of Time. According to the band’s founder Rafael Macedo, the desire to change has been there for a few years as more artists have been using similar names and affecting the ease of access to the band’s material online.


“When we started as The Element, we could not find any other acts with similar names. Nowadays, there are several bands with ‘Element’ in their names. After a long search, we landed on Wreck of Time. The inspiration was a quote I’ve seen in the show Westworld. I truly loved the quote's meaning that we are just ghosts, survivors of the wreck of time. I believe it encapsulates the main idea of our identity as a band. Something that makes you think and can have many different meanings and views. It reflects our exploration of different influences and styles.

And the most important of them all… It is how we’ve been feeling for the past 4, 5 years…


Aside from the name change, Wreck of Time’s latest news include a new album ready to be released in 2022. Called From Sand Part II, the new album is the story's conclusion that started in From Sand Part I, released in 2012.


Wreck of Time currently has Rafael Macedo as the lead guitarist, vocalist, and composer, Marco Bicca as the drummer, and Jeremy Villucci as the keyboard player and backing vocals. The latest album was mixed by Jens Bogren and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Drums were recorded at Robert Lang’s Studio in Seattle, WA, and all remaining instruments were recorded at the 242 Music Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.


The band is excited to release the new logo, 14 new music tracks, and videos soon. 

Press Release


Hello everyone! We have some truly

exciting news to share!


We're finally entering the studio to

finish our new album titled "From Sand - Part II".

 The Drum recordings will be held

between November 1-3 at the legendary

Robert Lang Studios


in Seattle, WA.

The studio that had recorded bands such as

Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, etc. 


 Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, and Vocals will be recorded once

again at the 242 Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA - USA.


Rafael Macedo (Vocals/Guitars) will be once again in charge of the Production of the album. The Mixing and Mastering, as announced before, will be handled by the amazing Jens Bogren (Symphony X, Arch Enemy, Paradise Lost, Devin Townsend) and Tony Lindgren at the Fascination Street Studios in Sweden, starting at the end of November 2018.


 We will share videos from the entire recording process, with additional live videos from social media, pictures, etc... 


 The full tracklist, album cover, behind the scenes info, and much more will be announced soon! Stay tuned on our official website and on our social media pages.

 We are beyond excited about the new album and we can't wait to share with you!

- Rafael Macedo

Dusk 15.jpg

Release date of new single and video announced!

For immediate release! The music video for the song "Dusk", which will be the first single for our new upcoming album "From Sand - Part II”, will be released on NOVEMBER 7, 2017, on the band's official YouTube channel simultaneously with the digital release on platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Beats, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and others.

The band's new video was produced and directed once again, by renowned director Tommy Merry! Tommy has an extensive career directing Horror Movies to music videos and we are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with him.

The album is being produced and mixed by one of the greatest Heavy Metal producers nowadays, the Swedish Jens Bogren, who was in charge of the production of albums from Arch Enemy, Symphony X, Angra, Pain of Salvation, Katatonia, Dragonforce, Paradise Lost, James Labrie and Devin Townshend. In charge of mastering will be Tony Lindgren, both from Fascination Street Studios. The album concludes the story started on "From Sand - Part I".

"Dusk" was filmed at the legendary SoundWave studios in Oakland (California, USA), known for being active since the early days of the Bay Area Thrash Metal scene, where several prominent bands have rehearsed or filmed there, such as The Cure, Metallica, Testament, Forbidden, Primus, Faith No More, Green Day, Machine Head, Exodus, Death Angel, and others.

EVH Gear Pearl Drums SIT Strings Morley/Ebtech InTune Guitar Picks, Inc. Roland

Mitch Stewart Marco Bicca Jeremy Villucci Rafael Macedo


Wreck of Time(Former The Element)

Have you watched our latest video release for the brand new track “Dusk” _ Link in our Bio

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! Wreck of Time filming music video for its upcoming new single, “Dusk”

We are extremely excited to announce we are filming a music video for our new upcoming single, titled “Dusk”, to be released soon. The incredible Tommy Merry will once again be in the director’s chair. The band has worked with Tommy in his previous music video release for the track “She’s Made From Sand”.
“Dusk” is the first single for 


Time’s new album “From Sand - Part II”, which is being mixed by the amazing Jens Bogren and mastered by Tony Lindgren at the Fascination Street Studios
Stay tuned for the release date for both the single and the video! 

Wreck of Time

New Video Release! Wreck of Time - She's Made From Sand LIVE at Whisky A Go Go, Los Angeles, CA - USA - 01/18/2017  

New Video Release! Wreck of Time - Shine Shy Shine LIVE at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA - USA - 11/10/2016  

Pictures last show

Pictures taken by Renee Janhke from Wreck of Time's show at Diablo Valley College - 11/10/2016

Full videos from the show coming up soon! Stay Tuned!!!

_MG_6081 copy
_MG_6067 copy
_MG_5851 copy
_MG_5542 copy
_MG_6192 copy
_MG_6174 copy
_MG_6160 copy
_MG_6306 copy

We are really excited to announce that we will be playing on November 10 at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA - USA. Tickets link:

 This is an official Diablo Valley College concert and it will be held in the Performing Arts Center, the College’s main theater.

 Wreck of Time(former The Element) will be playing an extended set and it will include songs from our new upcoming album “From Sand - Part II”, as well as other surprises. This is truly a show you don’t wanna miss.

  We wanted start right away calling out our fans and friends to come up and share this incredible and special night with us. Help us spread the word, we will see you there!

Update New Album

Hello everyone! We just wanted to give you a quick update about our new album "From Sand - Part II". We're in the process of finding the best way to release it. As you know, it is a delicate process and it is necessary to take our time with it. The 2 first singles "Natural" and "Dusk", which were mixed by the incredible Jens Bogren ( Symphony X, Pain of Salvation, Arch Enemy, etc..) and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios, are ready to go. All the rest of the album is written and ready as well. We will be releasing it at least one of the singles in the upcoming months. We just wanted to thank all of you for the incredible support and patience. We're incredibly excited about it and working really hard to deliver the best music we've ever done for you. Stay tuned for more news soon!


Rafael Macedo, Jeremy Villucci, Marco Bicca and Mitch Stewart - Wreck of Time

New Video release!
Hello everyone, this is a guitar instrumental tune by Rafael Macedo called "Dry Leaves". In charge of the mix and master was the amazing producer Adair Daufembach . Also, Rafael had playing with him on this tune, Wreck of Time's Marco Bicca, Drummer on the drums and Mitch Stewart on the Bass. We hope you enjoy it! Help us promoting it by sharing the video!


Rafael Macedo - "Dry Leaves"

The Element @ The NAMM Show 2016


Rafael @ EVH Gear Booth
Marco @ Pearl Drums Booth
Jeremy @ Roland Booth
Rafael @Jackson Booth
Jeremy @Roland Booth
Marco @Pearl Drums Booth
Rafael @EVH Gear Booth
Jeremy @Roland Booth
Marco @Pearl Drums Booth
New album "From Sand - Part II" being mixed by Jens Bogren!


 Press release

  San Francisco Bay Area, California, May 4 — SF Bay Area, California-based progressive metallers Wreck of Time(former The Element), have announced that the new album “From Sand - Pt II”  will be mixed by legendary producer and recording engineer, Jens Bogren (Symphony X, Devin Townsend, Opeth, Kreator, Paradise Lost, Dragonforce, James Labrie, etc) and mastered by Tony Lindgren (Paradise Lost, Kreator, Katatonia) at Fascination Street Studios - - in Sweden.





New Album "From Sand - Part II" recording sessions


For immediate release: Wreck of Time in the studio recording new album!

San Francisco Bay Area, September 23, 2014
  The Element has entered the studio to record its new album titled "From Sand - Part II" . The new concept album concludes the story that started on band's latest release "From Sand - Part I".
 Once again, Wreck of Time's Vocals/Guitars Rafael Macedo will be in charge of the engineering and producing. Rafael Macedo started working with the band's drummer Marco Bicca a week ago and he has laid down 5 tracks so far...


Buy Wreck of Time's first album "From Sand - Part I"


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